#EndSars Movement & The Way Forward

So far more than ten thousands of Nigerians have been taking to the street to protest against police brutality from the Special Anti –Robbery police Group. Many of the young people are calling for the abolition of the group.

Started in 1992, the group objective was to tackle crime, robbery, and other violent crimes. The group has been accused of extrajudicial killings, unlawful arrests, and torture of Nigerians residents. In the start the special police unit was successful in the elimination of crime cases, not until recently that the group turned into banditry, according to Fulani Kwajafa. What triggered the demonstrations was a viral video showing police officers killing a young man in the southern Delta state aside from the accused injustices from the police unit. The video was denied by Nigerians Army as fake news. They proceeded to arrest the man who filmed the video. The latter even provoked anger amongst the protestant. 

Due to the increase in the protests and global external forces on the matter, on October 11 the Nigerian government was forced to dissolve the special police unit due to growing demonstrations. Thereafter, the government proceeded to form a Special Weapon and Tactic group to replace SARS. Several human rights body has commented on the demonstrations.  One of them is the Amnesty International. According to their observation there was evidence that police forces in Lagos fatally shot protestors demonstrating against police brutality. 

Rihana tweeted out that there must be an end to SARS?  “To our Nigerian sisters and Brothers, we stand with you.”Another popular star that showed support for Nigerians is Burna Boy. Burna Boy tweeted that “I am in London and I’m doing my best to make sure sanctions are imposed against Nigerian Government Officials” So far fifteen people are said to have died on the demonstration. It was after a police station was set on fire. Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari spoke on the matter and offered to instigate reforms and offer compensation to the victims affected by cases of police brutality. 

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