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Let’s give a bit to people who didn’t have the same opportunities and luck like us. For the end of this terrible year, which made us realize how much valuable time is and how precious life is, we would like to make some kids happy. Even if it is just for a moment, may be that smile, and that love we will give them will be the symbol of hope, one light in the dark tunnel they had to go through this year. 

Any act of Kindness will be welcome  

Your Team VASDU

Our will to bring special help To the special needs of our Brothers and sisters

It's important to know

We will always be supportive of every meaningful suggestion or project supporting and/or empowering the African community in Germany. 

Many of our brothers and sisters find themselves in trouble and it is common considering the fact that life as a foreigner always presents challenges of all sorts. Unfortunately, most struggle alone because they do not know who to turn to, which mostly but also unfortunately leads to depression and even deportation. Both very undesirable situations.

Don't Miss Out

Many of us have your back. If you have any questions regarding anything related to Germany, our community or our projects, we will try our best to put you on track . 

And if you have any project propositions  you find meaningful for our community, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Upcoming projects


  • Commemoration Event: Sunday 15th November 2020
  • Orphanage Cameroon: Saturday 26th December 2020
  • Vasdu Goes in Refugee Camp: Thursday 28th January 2020
  • Speed Dating: Friday 5th February 2021
  • Vasdu Goes Street Love: Friday 18th February 2020
  • Vasdu Goes Biking: Sunday 21st February 2021
  • Vasdu comes together: Sunday 14th March 2021

Vasdu Strengths at a glance

Our Online Presence

We are mostly present on our website but, we also manage to keep our social media platforms up to date. We will try to keep you posted on our latest achievements and activities. 

Stay tuned.


What we have achieved

Our Work Strategy

This group consists mostly of students and it is common knowledge that studying can be time-consuming and even cause stress and anxiety. We want to bring something more to our community. we want to create a space where people can decompress and have time to party in order to avoid getting overwhelmed by the load of work.  

For that to happen we need people and willpower. It is well known that a single finger is powerless on it’s own but all of them combined make up the hand. In the same spirit we need one another to hold a real impact. Feel free to join us, it will be a pleasure to have you amongst us. 

Want To Join us on Our Adventure?

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