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We will try our best to put a smile on your face.

You may be  a newcomer in this beautiful country that is Germany, maybe as a Student, Doctorate, Trainee, Husband, Wife or even Tourist. Whatever the case, welcome. You might just as well be someone wanting to visit an African country you have never been to, and have a bunch of questions. It can also be that you are living in Germany and have a business idea for an African Country or you are an African with a concrete project and you are looking for sponsorship. 

If you feel that you belong in any of the above or something similar, you are definitely in the right place at the right time. 

Buddy Program

This program will be all about bringing two people with common interests, whereby one needs the experiences of the other to have a good start in Germany or in a particular field. In this case it can be a newcomer and an already established student in Germany. Or someone on a visit in Germany wanting to get in touch with his/ her community in a specific city. 


Living in Germany can be tough and stressful, especially for young students whose parents don’t have enough money to complete their annual caution. They came here to study, seek for new experiences and better opportunities. But along the way, some of them get really stressed by authorities when it’s time to extend their Visa. Many of them don’t have any problems working alongside school,in hopes of funding their stay in Germany. That however, does not make the entire process any easier for obvious reasons one being, that most of these jobs cannot generate the full amount. And this is where we come in.

Our goal is to try and offer our help to students in such situations.

Health Consulting

In our Network we have at least 5 doctors, 2 nurses and 25 medical students studying and/or working in Germany. We are receiving one of the best training in the world when it comes to becoming a physician or a medical practitioner. Many of us are willing to commit our brains   for a purpose we believe is great. For instance, if you saw a doctor and have suspicions about the diagnosis.

A second opinion might be what you need.

This will all be anonymous, and we will try to supply you with the most qualitative information we will find about your medical issue.


I have a Project

A lot of people have amazing and concrete projects that never come to life because of their lack of financial resources. 

If you belong to this category just know that you are in the right place, because a lot of people out there have money but don’t know what to do with it. We bridge the gap.

Be concrete, convincing and optimistic, we stand by your side.

I am an Investor

You are probably from the working class and/or have some savings you would like to see grow? There are many people out there with great ideas but lack what you have, that will like to be understood and comprehended. It may be beneficial for you to get in touch with one of them. One who never tries, never knows. 

Or maybe you already know where you want to invest and are looking for some contacts, then write us and we might be able to give you some. 

I have my own Business

I am a Free-Lancer


I am Self-Employed

You are a business-owner, self-employed or a free-lancer, we can promote your services. 

You need a professional to help you with some struggles. 

If so click here

Speed dating

A lot of people here are so caught up in their professional occupations that they sometimes neglect or simply lack the time to find a/the partner. Having someone by their side can be a blessing, can be fulfilling or not. It’s like a game to win or lose, you have to play in the first place. Many of us in this game have expectations, and to find those expected people, we have to meet people. It’s why we will organize once every semester a speed dating, to give you the chance to find your soul mate.

Good Luck!


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